Rhine River Germany Tours to Rhine Castle Ruins of Stahlberg, Bacharach-Steeg, near Bacharach at the Rhine river in Germany

Rhine Castle Ruins of Stahlberg, Bacharach-Steeg

Past the town limits, above Steeg near Bacharach at the Rhine river, in northwestern direction, lies the ruin Stahlberg; an even, oval, not very expanded curtain wall.

Relics of the remarkable castle Stahlberg still remain. Especially the round donjon behind the ditch at the entry and the shield wall, which still stands in quite a height. You can also see openings for the gate latch in the shield wall of the ruin Stahlberg. On a rocky hill northwest of the actual ruin, you can still recognize the remains of a fortification of a castle.

On the other side in the east, at the highest site of the ruin Stahlberg, you can see the remains of a second donjon.

Castle Stahlberg near Bacharach-Steeg at the Rhine river assumably originated around 1200, at about the same time as the castle Furstenberg, which was built in the year 1219 as protection of the "Viertalergebietes" (area which contains 4 valleys).

In the year 1243, the Cologne archbishop Conrad of Hochstaden relinquished the castle Stahlberg to the count palatine Otto of Wittelsbach as feud. Later it became palatine.

In the year 1316, the castle Stahlberg was pawned from King Ludwig of Bavaria to the archbishop Balduin of Trier and King Johann of Bohemia.

After the death of Balduin in 1354, the "Viertalergebiet" went back to the palatinate.

In the Thirty Years' War, the castle Stahleck was taken over in 1620 by spanish troops, in 1632 by Swedens under the command of Rhine count Otto Ludwig as well as several times by different warring parties. Thereby the ruin Stahlberg was more or less destroyed, as mentioned in the district authority description of Bacharach at the Rhine river in the year 1678. "... the old decayed house Stahlberg up on the hill..."

In 1689, parts of the castle Stahlberg were blown away by the troops of Ludwig XIV in the Prussion war of succession.

On October 31, 1804, debris of the ruin Stahlberg with the corresponding property were sold at an auction for 350 francs.

Since 1912, the ruin Stahlberg near Bacharach-Steeg at the Rhine river belongs to the Rhenish club for the preservation of monuments and historic buildings and landscape protection. Since then, several steps have been taken to stop the further decay of the ruin Stahlberg.

The wooden bridge above the "Halsgraben" (ditch) became renewed. In the year 1967, safety and maintenance measures were put into practice on both large towers. In 1988, the west curtain wall became secured by the club.


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